Hace dos días comenzó la filmacion de este remake del cual aun desconocemos los detalles de su sinopsis. La Roca subió a su instagram con un anuncio oficial de que la cinta esta en su pleno inicio de produccion:

Before we embark our #JUMANJI journey here in Hawaii, we gathered our entire cast (here with me are Jack Black, Kevin Hart, our director Jake Kasdan and Karen Gillian) and crew together as our Hawaiian Kahu (priest) Cordell Keka blesses our film with powerful aloha spirit of laughter, enjoyment and love. I often talk about mana (spirit) with you guys and the mana in this room/in this moment was extremely powerful – it can take your breath away and give you goosebumps like crazy. (I was low key ready to run thru a wall in this moment;). Our Kahu eloquently spoke and reminded us that even though our faces are the ones on screen, it takes an AMAZING CREW OF EVERYONE to make this movie work. And when we get tired from long work hours to always remember the joy, laughter and fun our movie will bring to families around the world. So simple, but such a great reminder to keep that perspective of bringing joy and fun to families. Very cool. Thank you Kahu Cordell Keka for this powerful blessing, thank you Hawaii – proud to be back home and THANK YOU in advance to our hard working crew. #JUMANJI #OurHawaiianBlessing #Mana #LetsShoot

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En el se puede apreciar como con un ritual para que todo salga bien y con buenas vibras, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillian y finalmente Dwayne Johnson están concentrados para que todo funcione.

El estreno oficial de Jumanji es el 28 de julio del 2017.



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